This is a Style Manual for editors of the Guinea Pig Wiki.

When using a Wiki and having many different contributors at once, inevitably, articles can be written in many different ways. To help prevent arguments about how the Wiki should be run, these guidelines have been devised to help keep things organised and inform Wiki contributors on how to layout certain things.

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  • Categorise pictures according to their use (Use Category), and if possible, their relevant game inside their use category, with the exception of [[Category: Box Art]]. The existing categories for pictures are:

Article LayoutEdit

  • An article begins with a short description of the article, with its title in bold.
  • The end of the article should include a ==See also== section with links to relevant articles. If needed, also, an ==External Links== section can be added also.
  • References should be added using '<ref>List</ref>'.

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