This is an article about care for guinea pigs.

Feeding a guinea pig involves the inclusion of several essential foodstuffs, including grass, hay, and vegetables. They may also be fed wild plants if you wish, but take care to only feed them ones that are deemed safe (listed below).

Make sure food is available for guinea pigs at all times.

Grass & HayEdit

Using an ark allows your guinea pig to have access to fresh grass, though you must sure they are fresh and free from all harmful chemicals.

Hay forms the bulk of the guinea pig's diet, and it must be dry, clean, and available to them at all times. To keep it clean and from being trodden on by your guinea pig, offer it a hay rack. Grass Hay is best, as Alfalfa hay is too rich in calcium and protein for most guinea pigs.


Fresh vegetables are essential to a guinea pig's diet for their much needed Vitamin C.


Guinea pigs also need daily cereal foods. This can include wholemeal bread, crushed oats, or guinea pig mix.

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